Would you like to get yourself and your children in the spirit of spooky Halloween mood by adding a fashion to your and your little trick-or-treaters` dress up. Goby shoes with Halloween themes or alternatively a series of skull shoes could be a very good Halloween gift idea.

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A skiff of snow paints autumn`s field, yellow and orange leaves paint its trees. Gray witches straddle brooms, cross the moon and “shoemake” pods, dance like goblins along fence rows and wait for Halloween. And I, too, wait with bated breath.

Dogs stood hang-tailed; cats yelled from backyard fences, and outhouses burned to make light for the devil`s conclave where witches gathered, to bid him welcome.

Children, dressed for their night out in baggy clothes to look a fright, who have wandered streets of towns and villages and knocked on doors of palatial mansions, bags opened, have said their plaintive plea, and have departed.

But I, I buried beneath this stone, have overslept.

Paul Lee

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