One of the most important physical actors in our day-to-day life is our feet. We use them every day and usually we don’t care about their health unless we have a problem with them. We brush our teeth in order to keep them healthy.

What we do about foot care?

Feet take the weight of your whole body. In our foot there are 26 bones which do not fully set until we are around 18 years old. Comfortable shoes are very important for our feet to be healthy because 70% foot problems are caused by badly fitting shoes.

Do we know what kind of materials and chemicals used in the shoes?

Harmful chemicals may cause enormous damage to our health because it has proven that our feet sweat quarter liter in a day. It means that they absorb the chemicals in the shoes every day. When the issue comes to our children it is more sensitive!

So don’t worry now there is a new brand in the UK shoe market: Goby. We are committed to producing handmade, eco-friendly and comfortable shoes, bags and accessories which have stylish art designs. Do yourself a favor and try one of these shoes!!!


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